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                      Four things you may not know about Ariel + Sam:




1. Our magical, art-filled first encounter inspired details that were incorporated in our wedding ceremony on top of Mt. Tamalpais.

2. Ariel always packs a swimsuit when we travel (Even in winter - because you never know where you might find a hot springs). 

3. To bond with his mother-in-law (who is obsessed with Hawaii), Sam learned to strum the ukelele with her, and sang "When I'm 64" together for Sam's dad's birthday.  We have a bit of a family tradition for leaving singing telegrams on friend's birthdays.

4. We spent our honeymoon hiking 100 miles through the south of France and may or may not have eaten chocolate croissants with a steaming cup of coffee every. single. day.


In case you were curious to learn even more about us:



       We are inseparable.  This means you always get two experienced, primary photographers for your wedding or photo session - two photographers who get the importance of love and family. We believe in taking the time to appreciate the simple moments throughout the day that make life so wonderful, whether it is getting up early to sip green tea picked from the countryside where Sam's mom lived (in ceramic cups made by Ariel's mom), listening to the pattering of the neighbor's cat down the hall, or making a delicious galette with apples picked from our garden. We are appreciators of the beauty that surrounds us, and feel grateful to be asked to document a family's life and witness an individual's steps across each landmark milestone of their journey. That's why we are passionate about photography, and LOVE LOVE LOVE documenting weddings together.


Our style: what sets us apart.


       Each couple has qualities that make them wonderfully unique, and learning more about who you are makes our job exciting and meaningful. We provide luxury photography services because a bride and groom deserve the best.  Our printing is superior, and the fine art wedding books we design are themselves stunning pieces of art, and handmade in Italy.  The way we photograph each couple, is a totally customized experience. We become friends with our brides and grooms. Although married in 2011, we still feel like newlyweds, and we know how wonderful it is to have photographs that capture the love and emotions of the day after it is over, but also how important it is to have friends with you on your wedding day so you can just be yourself, relax, and enjoy your celebration.  Plus, we may just serve up that homemade galette when you come over to our home to visit.  


Behind the camera:


       In order to fuel our creativity and provide beautiful, personalized experiences for each couple and their wedding, we work on many other projects as well. Sure, we do portrait sittings and family photo sessions, but we also shoot for several national publications; work for non-profits around the world; and freelance for newspapers, photographing celebrities, musicians, and local community difference-makers. Our photography shows have also been exhibited around the world, including Berlin, German; Sydney, Australia; and, Brisbane, Australia. Our current exhibition on feminist filmmakers of SE Asia is slated to show next in NYC. Sam is a former theater/film director;  Ariel's a fashionista and a street fashion blogger - and doesn't let Sam leave the house without fixing his collar.

       When we are not taking photos, we enjoy cooking and hosting dinner parties, soaking in nature, and traveling the world with our cameras and meeting amazing people (okay, that involves taking photos too ;)

       Enough about us, we can't wait to hear about you!  Feel free to give us a call, email us, or simply visit our "Contact Us" page.  Since we work on so many exciting photography assignments together, both in the Bay Area and abroad, our schedule books up far in advance, so please let us know the date and location of your wedding or event as early as possible.



      Sam and Ariel