We just finished looking at all of the pictures last night and we just love them. Bitter sweet though, because it starts to make the wedding so completely, utterly, officially over. You guys did a wonderful job capturing all of the beautiful moments and even the tiniest details... and we really appreciate it. There were times where we laughed, times where we cried and times where we were absolutely speechless, when looking through the pictures. 

We both feel like you guys were meant to have entered our lives and believe that you two are more than just people who took some pictures of us. You guys witnessed the most amazing moments of our lives, so far, and did it with enthusiasm, respect and made those days even better, just by being there. You guys will forever be a part of our story! 

The words you wrote on your blog about our wedding touched so many people (us especially) and speak further to how amazing you both are as people. The fact that you called us brave, touched us deeply... Because I'm not sure if many people realized how hard that step was for us and how hard it is to walk in our shoes, and even if they do... they very rarely verbalize it. 

And almost as soon as we took such a giant leap, the Supreme Court cases were all over TV. It was rough, to say the least, to hear all of the debating about something we had just done, and were so happy about. And then you guys post such a beautiful blog, right in the midst of it and gave us the breath of fresh air and the reminder of why we had done what we did. I'm pretty sure you guys realize it, but just in case you don't... You guys don't just take pictures of happy moments in peoples lives, any photographer can do that. You guys leave impressions on lives, you touch lives and you change lives.

Thank you.

- Angela + Erica

Ariel and Sam are the nicest people ever. Along with their top-notch skills, this makes them a first-choice for any of your professional photography needs.

From the engagement photo session to our gorgeous wedding album, Sam and Ariel gently encouraged and supported us through the entire wedding process, one of the most stressful experiences we have had as a couple. At Bowerbird Photography, the perfect balance is struck between the subjects' personal style and preferences and the creative advice Ariel and Sam have to offer as experienced photographers.

They are a joy to work with and both our engagement and wedding photos are beautiful.

- Matt K. 

We initially chose Sam and Ariel as our photographers because we liked their classic photo style. They produce images that are true to life and timeless - exactly the kind of moments you'll want to look at decades from now. But what no one ever tells you about hiring a wedding photographer is how important it is to feel comfortable with the people behind the camera. After all, you'll be spending a good chunk of one of the most important days of your life with them. Sam and Ariel are warm, kind, patient, generous individuals and worked well as a team. They helped us relax and be ourselves which led to better couples pictures. They are also very attentive to your specific requests. We didn't want to spend too much time taking extended family photos after the ceremony (so we could enjoy our cocktail hour). Somehow they managed to get four big families together and photographed in just 15 minutes. They also were able to turnaround the photos before we got back from our honeymoon which was really above and beyond with what we expected. All in all we couldn't have been happier with our experience with Bowerbird.

- Brian T.

Sam and Ariel shot our wedding.  It was the best money invested. We would give Sam And Ariel 10 stars if we could! This husband and wife couple is the true dream team. They both have an excellent eye for extraordinarily beautiful shots! The icing on the cake are: 

1) They are such genuinely sweet people who just want to see others happy
2) Always on time
3) They do their homework to get to know the venue
4) They are very organized and professional making communications piece of cake
5)  Their products are of the highest quality

We would definitely recommend Bowerbird to everyone. Looking forward to another excuse to hire the again- family portrait maybe?

- N.C. 

From our first sit-down conversation regarding possible engagement photos, up through the day when Ariel + Sam physically dropped off our super pretty wedding photo album, Bowerbird was an absolute joy to work with. 

My now-husband and I are a weird couple, we don't know how to pose, giggle a lot, and get awkward easily, but Bowerbird sweetly dealt with all these insecurities, had lots of ideas, and managed to extract the very best photos we've ever seen of either of us. They were friendly and reassuring the whole way through. 

- Emily S. 

Sam and Ariel were incredible to work with. Not only were we blown away by the images they captured, but they were a pure delight to interact with, which cannot be underestimated when planning your wedding. They counseled us through decisions, planned everything with us ahead of time, learned who our important people were, and scouted out the location in advance.

And on the day of, they were superheroes. They were so easy to be with that it allowed all of us to take natural and creative photos. They really cared about us. And it is so important that you feel comfortable with your photographers, they are the ones with you in each of your most important and intimate moments day of.

As a bonus, they also contribute to the wider community and are all-around great people who run an ethical and socially-conscious business.

We couldn't be happier.

- Trevor S.

Sam and Ariel were amazing throughout the whole wedding planning process. We were planning our wedding from across the country and they were incredibly accommodating. From scheduling  phone call check-ins at odd hours, to inviting us over for tea and cookies, we could not have been more impressed with their warmth and professionalism.  

In addition to them being great people, our wedding photos came out wonderfully. We really wanted natural, candid shots to capture our big day and they definitely delivered. We have received so many compliments on our wedding photos and highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional photographers.

- Meredith M.