An Ordinary/Extraordinary Day

This photo captures the feel of so many of our days last year. Since it's too hot to wear clothes, the kids insist on being naked, and besides, they want to finger paint. Then, Juni breaks for a snack, and Wilder needs his own breather. Amid all the hecticness of life, taking a moment to stop and appreciate the richness of everything, almost feels like touching perfection.

This year, we're adding something new. We're calling it the "Ordinary/Extraordinary Day."

We drop into your day for six hours. No posed photos, just real-life documented. Bath time, lunch, maybe a trip to the beach. 

You'll get a fine art album to remember what it meant for your family to have lived that day together. Watch your family grow, as we return again 365 days later.

We plan on limiting this project to only 10 commissions, so if you're interested, drop us a note to book your day. We think you might be surprised by how extraordinary your family's ordinary day is. 

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Ariel + Sam