Our NEW LOOK, new blog, and new website! (with the same old lovebirds, Ariel + Sam)

       Spring is a time to clean, summer is a time for celebrations, and fall is a time for reinvention.  We've been inspired by all the new looks at New York's fall fashion week, and have toned our arms by flipping through Vogue's brick of a September issue.  Halloween is just around the corner, with the kids in costume, and adult masquerades being planned.  We'd like to say the trees are transforming and changing colors too, but in San Francisco, the most prominent colors that change each year is the palette of pastels that our neighborhood's Victorian houses spinwheel through each year.

       As the fog rolls back in from the Bay, forcing us to beat a retreat to our snug corner for hot cocoa, we've gotten a chance to look back and review all the wonderful assignments and weddings we've shot.  For the newspaper, we've interviewed and taken photos of some fantastic local songbirds like Kelly McFarling.  While on assignment to cover a skills exchange cooperative, we learned how to saber a champagne bottle (which Sam is still trying to convince Ariel to let him do at client meetings :)  We've also covered numerous, beautiful wedding celebrations and become good friends with so many brides and grooms.  Next year, we know, is already going to be a busy one for weddings, both in the Bay Area and abroad.  We are especially honored to fly to Texas next year to document the marriage of two women who we've became friends with after documenting their beautiful surprise proposal under a California Buckeye tree in Golden Gate Park.

       With our lives brimming with all this wonderfulness, we thought it the perfect time to launch our new look, new blog, and new website.  We thought we might put all our old stuff in a box in the closet - but we've seen Toy Story - and know how important for our old things to know they are appreciated - so we're keeping our old blog up here, just in case you want to check in on it and dust off the cobwebs once in a while.  We're already feeling a little nostalgic!

       There are so many exciting new projects, collaborations, and events on the horizon that we are eager to share with you.  For example, ever heard of a 3D fennel cocktail?  Oh... but we're getting ahead of ourselves already!  


Sam + Ariel