Monday: Finding Focus

       On our recent trip to Seattle, we played tourists and walked to Gasworks Park with our artist friend, Eliza, and hung out at the sundial, on the top of the hill, overlooking Lake Union and the Seattle Space Needle.  What's cool about this sundial (pictured below) is that you have to stand in the middle of it and watch where your shadow falls, in order to tell what time it is.  As we talked about how we structure our days as artists, the perfect symbol for our discussion was right under our feet. 

       I've been thinking about time a lot lately in relation to my New Year's resolutions.  Mostly, these thought bubbles read something like this, "If only I had more time to journal, exercise, or [fill in the blank]!  Can't I just put it off until tomorrow, when I'll be better rested, smarter, and stronger?"  But, like the insistent whine of the tea kettle, the shrill tones such self-defeatist mind-chatter actually does well to motivate me to get off the couch... and pour a cup of hot tea.  For me, sipping tea and finding insight go hand-in-hand.  After a cup, my resolve is strengthened, my wisdom restored.  Even if it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day, I take up the challenge of proving myself wrong.  And, when I set out to do what I thought was impossible, suddenly, instead of less time, I find that I have more.  Instead of reacting to my circumstances, I end up creating them.

       As an artist, it's important for me to spend time doing things that enrich my soul, broaden my perspectives, and ultimately, make me happy; for, as I watch my shadow count the hours on the sundial, I want to be sure that my time doesn't end up sneaking way from me.

Seattle Space Needle seen from Gasworks Park sundial. © Bowerbird Photography 2013.

Seattle Space Needle seen from Gasworks Park sundial. © Bowerbird Photography 2013.

       I love that they built this sundial in cloudy day Seattle.  It's a friendly reminder that, yes, the sun will come out eventually :)


Sam + (Ariel)