Indian Wedding at the JW Marriott Union Square in San Francisco

So many of the brides we talk to at the end of their wedding night say they had such a great time that they wish they could experience their party all over again. What's great about South Asian weddings is that these celebrations usually last several days and may even span the world. At this recent Indian wedding reception we photographed at the JW Marriott in San Francisco, the couple, S + K, were able to have their cake and eat it too, and then eat it again, and again, and again! This party was the grand finale, the last in a string of celebrations honoring their love.

The grand banquet hall looked absolutely stunning with laurels and fine fabrics draped over every surface, and roses - roses everywhere - heavy and plump like they had just fallen in a floral monsoon. Behind the sweetheart table and on the stage was a regal white couch for lounging and watching guests perform. And perform their guests did. Talent had been doled out generously among the crowd, as even the youngest belted out songs, the old standby, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to adoring relatives, while a family of three took on the modern MJ classic "Thriller." We love photographing Indian weddings because it's great to see the bride and groom relax and have plenty of time to see everyone. There were also opportunities for the newlyweds to sneak out for a short moment, while we took couples photos. What we learned is that there are so many great nooks and crannies at the SF JW Marriott for a pair of lovers to make-out in!  Whew! These two know how to crank up the romance!

Congratulations S+K! In addition to endless parties, we wish you endless days filled with happiness and love!!!


Ariel + Sam


Wedding Vendors

Wedding Planner: Denise Rice of d. Royal Engagements

Photography: Bowerbird Photography

Venue: JW Marriott Union Square

Catering: New Delhi Restaurant

Rentals: Prime Party Rentals

Cake: Pretty Please Bakeshop

DJ: Toofan Sounds

Hair & Makeup: Be Glammed

Menus & Signage: Creative DNA