Holiday Family Photo Session in Berkeley at Live Oak Park

Every year, we get the incredible opportunity to ramble through beautiful spaces with the Schrader family and take their photos. Ok - while there is definitely some rambling, there is also plenty of rolling, running, and twirling: their adorable daughters are dynamos full of so much goofy energy. After chasing them around Live Oak Park in Berkeley, we don't feel any regret about swapping gym class for a bowl of ice-cream and a movie. All jokes aside, we adore these folks. Whether Cate is showing off her latest dance moves she insists are "tricks," or Abby displays the best cascade of giggles, or Grant and Lex allow us to ask them once again for some clutch parenting tips, this family has a big place in our hearts.

Lex + Grant, congratulations on your beautiful family! You two are raising two wonderful, strong and hilarious girls :) Enjoy these photos from their winter photography session.


Ariel + Sam