Taiwan Family Travel Guide to Hualien City and Taroko Gorge // 台湾家庭旅行指南花莲市和太鲁阁峡谷

The last leg of our loop around the island was a two night stop in Hualien City. The lovely Star and Mist B&B invited us to be their guests. This bed and breakfast is so sweet. It is outside the bustle of the busy downtown, with a gigantic green mountain behind it and cozy rooms, with big comfortable beds and a balcony looking out over the garden. After checking in, we took a quick ten minute taxi ride into town and began a culinary adventure. First -- awesome wonton soup, followed by an exotic smorgasbord vegetarian meal in a quirky tchotchke-packed dining room.

The next day, backpack stuffed with steam buns and fruit, we caught a bus to the gorgeous Taroko Gorge, one of the most beautiful places in all of Taiwan. There are several trails in the park and we decided to take the Shakadang Trail, which goes along the river and has incredible ledge cave trails carved into the side of the mountain. Juniper loved it and actually hiked a large portion of it on her own :) Before catching the bus back to Hualien, we indulged in a much needed ice cream cone at the visitor center. You're never far from some delicious treat when you're traveling in Taiwan, even when you're off and away in a national park!

We hope you enjoyed this travel diary from our trip to Taiwan and found it useful in planning your trip to this beautiful island with your family! We're already starting to plan several trips for 2017, so stay in touch :)

我们在岛上的最后一圈是在花莲市的两个晚上停止。可爱的星星和雾M&B邀请我们成为他们的客人。这床和早餐是如此甜蜜。它在繁忙的市中心的喧嚣之外,一个巨大的绿色山在它后面和舒适的客房,有舒适的床和一个阳台,俯瞰花园。登记入住后,我们乘了十分钟的出租车进入城市,开始了一个烹饪的冒险。首先 - 真棒馄饨汤,然后在一个古怪的tchotchke包装的餐厅,一个异国情调的smorgasbord素食餐。

第二天,背包里充满了蒸汽馒头和水果,我们乘坐了一辆公共汽车到华丽的太鲁阁峡谷,这是台湾最美丽的地方之一。在公园里有几条小径,我们决定采取Shakadang小径,沿着河,有令人难以置信的壁架洞穴小径雕刻入山的一侧。 Juniper喜欢它,实际上是在她自己的大部分徒步旅行:)在赶上公共汽车回到花莲,我们沉浸在一个急需的冰淇淋锥在游客中心。当您在台湾旅行时,即使您在国家公园外出旅行,您也不会远离某些美味的食物!



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