Taiwan Family Travel Guide at Kenting National Park // 家庭旅行指南台湾垦丁国家公园

Family travel is about navigating choices. We always try to anticipate Juniper's needs before heading out the door. Preparation is everything, but remaining flexible is also important. We created checklists, packed our bags, and were ready to go a whole week before our flight. All set. However, the night before we left for Taiwan, we had decided to make a super important last-minute decision. Juni has been obsessed with her perpetually smiling, red, Elmo doll, ever since we succumbed to Sesame Street on YouTube to help us through a cranky night. Two days prior to leaving, Juni developed a passionate interest in dancing and the Angelina Ballerina children's book series. She would insist on wearing her tutu over whatever she was wearing, including her puff coat. The morning of our trip, we made a gut decision, replacing the Elmo doll with Angelina.

We got lucky with that choice. Juni couldn't wait to pull out “Nini” at each hotel we arrived at. No tears were shed for Elmo. Whew!

When planning this trip to Taiwan, we wanted it to be fun for Juniper. If she had a good time, so would we. Place her in a box of sand, and she's happy. We decided to head to the beach after Sun Moon Lake.

We worried that we made a poor planning choice, spending an entire day taking various modes of transportation: a bus to the train station in Taichung, then catching the high speed rail to the end of the line, where we got on a bus for a two hour ride to Kenting, and finally waiting for our hotel to pick us up in the howling wind, a welcome reprieve from the heat. We were fueled by steam buns, fish balls, fruit, and milk from the ever-present 7-Eleven convenience stores along the way. What made this choice pay-off was that we could spend 4 days relaxing in a beautiful seaside setting, without an agenda, getting accustomed to the 16 hour time difference.

Sam's parents honeymooned in Kenting decades ago, and it remains a tropical beach bum paradise. The little town around the beach and national park is pretty touristy (and there are only 7-Elevens and other convenience stores – no grocery store). We opted to stay about 10 minutes outside of the town and found it perfectly peaceful and quiet.

The South Border Design Hotel invited us to stay and we weren't sure if we were still in Taiwan or had landed in a remote Greek Island! We were so happy to relax there for a few days. The architecture is creative and modern and we just loved our room, especially the super deep tub that was perfect for baby-and-me bath time. Getting breakfast served in our room was also a luxury that we appreciated as parents, who occasionally have a hard time getting out of the door with a squirmy kiddo.

On our second day in Kenting, the wind was relentless! Not quite the right weather for a beach outing, but perfect for a beautiful hike in Kenting National Park. The park is perfect for little kids, with easy to walk, paved trails, and caves formed from ancient coral reefs (Juni LOVES caves). Best of all, there were wild macaque monkeys, that made a racket in the canopy above us before we spotted them. Also, heed the signs warning of poisonous snakes. We admired a big, sinuous sun-bather, stretched out on a tree beside the trail, and were happy that we had been carrying Juni in the carrier at that point.

Fun Space Inn invited us to stay with them for the second part of our visit in Kenting. Fun Space has a great French bistro vibe, with a chill lobby, filled with things to read and coffee to sip. The rooms have stunning views of the ocean, which is right across the street. We loved staying here and would highly recommend it! Do keep in mind that the sandy beach across the street is protected for ecological research, so no kid-friendly swimming here. There's a section of rocky beach that is beautiful, and snorkelers access the ocean from there, but it's tricky to walk over with a baby. Luckily, it's an easy 10 minute bus ride (and the buses run perfectly on time!) up the coast to plenty of sandy beaches.

After a swimming breakthrough with Juniper, learning to kick and float in bath-temperature waters, we packed our bags and headed up the east coast of the island via train, toward the province of Hualien, Sam's mom's birthplace.

More photos and travel stories coming next week.

A big thanks to our great Taiwan fashion partners included in this blog post!

Headbands: Ms. How Fan

Sandals: Aika Handmade Shoes

Cloth Baby Shoes: Polovio

Men's Shoes: Dogyball

Baby shoes + matching bags: Boingboing

Baby necklace: Ciaowo

Backpack: OGG

Organic Baby Clothes: Gujui

Choker necklace: W&Y Atelier

家庭旅行是关于导航选择。我们总是试图预测瞻博网络的需要,然后出门。准备是一切,但保持灵活性也很重要。我们创建了清单,包装我们的行李,并准备在我们的航班前一整个星期。可以了,好了。然而,在我们离开台湾前一天晚上,我们决定作出一个非常重要的最后决定。自从我们在YouTube上屈服于芝麻街,帮助我们度过一个奇怪的夜晚,Juni一直痴迷于永远微笑,红色,Elmo娃娃。离开前两天,Juni发展了对舞蹈和Angelina Ballerina儿童书系列的热情兴趣。她坚持要穿她的芭蕾舞短裙,不管她穿什么,包括她的羽绒服。在我们的旅行的早晨,我们做了一个胆量的决定,用安吉丽娜替换Elmo娃娃。

我们很幸运有这个选择。 Juni不能等待在我们到达的每个酒店拉出“Nini”。 Elmo没有流泪。哇!



山姆的父母几十年前在垦丁度蜜月,它仍然是一个热带海滩天堂。在海滩和国家公园周围的小镇是相当旅游(和只有7高架和其他便利店 - 没有杂货店)。我们选择留在城外约10分钟,发现它完全平和和安静。

南边界设计酒店邀请我们留下来,我们不知道我们是否仍然在台湾或登陆在一个遥远的希腊岛!我们很高兴在那里放松几天。建筑是创意和现代,我们只是喜欢我们的房间,特别是超级深的浴缸,是完美的婴儿和我洗澡时间。在我们的房间吃早餐也是一个奢侈品,我们赞赏作为父母,谁偶尔有一个很难走出门,一个squammy kiddo。

在我们在垦丁的第二天,风是无情的!不适合天气的海滩郊游,但完美的美丽的远足在垦丁国家公园。公园是完美的小孩子,容易走,铺好的小道和从古老的珊瑚礁形成的洞穴(Juni LOVES洞穴)。最重要的是,有野生猴子,在我们之前的树冠上做了一个球拍,我们发现他们之前。还注意到有毒蛇的警告标志。我们欣赏一个大,蜿蜒的阳光浴,在树旁边的小径上延伸,并且很高兴,我们已经在运载的Juni在那一点。

Fun Space Inn邀请我们与他们一起留在我们参观垦丁的第二部分。 Fun Space有一个伟大的法国小酒馆氛围,一个寒意的大堂,充满了东西阅读和咖啡喝。客房享有海洋的壮丽景色,位于街对面。我们喜欢住在这里,强烈推荐!请记住,街对面的沙滩是保护生态研究,所以没有孩子友好的游泳在这里。有一段美丽的岩石海滩,而浮潜者从那里进入海洋,但它是一个棘手的婴儿走过。幸运的是,这是一个容易的10分钟公共汽车(和公共汽车准时运行完美!)海岸到大量的沙滩。




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